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    xTuple is The TOP ERP for Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturers and Distributors

    On-Premises or in the Cloud – xTuple growth solutions power profits

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    xTuple's Core ERP brings together all of your business processes – sales, manufacturing, distribution, inventory, vendor, CRM, and supply chain management on one clean platform that provides visibility into customers and costs, allowing your business to get it right the first time…and we can get your ERP up and running in as little as 90-days. 


    Value – Benefits:

    • Real-time inventory visibility and management
    • Supply Chain management to mitigate disruptions
    • Business intelligence to optimize workflows
    • Customer relationship management 
    • Financial data management

    What our customers say:

      • Increased productivity to get our products out the door
      • Saved time by consolidating different business processes into one solution
      • Standardized purchasing and financial reports gave us better cashflow
      • Increased sales over forecast during the COVID pandemic
      • Time savings – automated workflows delivered accurate data


    In addition to Core ERP, xTuple delivers the integrations you need for e-commerce and logistics management – the best growth solutions to improve efficiency and power up profits:


    Spreadsheets and antiquated legacy systems simply can’t deliver real-time visibility into crucial business processes – and that’s keeping your business from growing.

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